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Code Name Location Beneficiaries No of Beneficiaries Budget Action
TPR_P03 Proposal for Mitigation of school Dropouts through Evening Academic Coaching at Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu, India. Don Bosco Nest - Tiruppur Poor children and Families. 650 1,038,775.00
AGM_P04 Empowerment of Rural poor youth through Animal Husbandry Training - INT 12 Melanmarainadu - Alangulam Youth and children at boys home 140 1,267,096.00
KEL_P03 Solar Power Genertaion Panel - INT 11_7160 Don Bosco - Keela Eral Poor Dalit youth 120 1,500,000.00
TPR_P02 To Provide Life-coping Skill Training to Youth Workers in Tiruppur District of Tamil Nadu, India. Don Bosco Nest - Tiruppur Youth,families 1080 1,519,600.00
VLM_P02 Empowerment of Rural Dalit Women through SHG - INT 11_435 Don Bosco Mission - Vilathikulam Rural Women 360 1,868,716.00
VLM_P03 Sustainable Enterprise Development for women towards poverty reduction - INT 12_ Don Bosco Mission - Vilathikulam Rural women of Below poverty line 1390 10.27
NKL_P03 Rehabilitation of HIV affected children through Academic Education and Skill Training - INT 10_216 Don Bosco - Namakkal Youth/children who are affected by HIV/AIDS at Namakkal District. 100 105,000.00
YCD_P04 Mission Procure_Delhi - 12-Feb The Retreat - Yercaud seminarians 6 108,000.00
CBV_P01 Mission Procure_Delhi - 12-Feb Vellakinar - Coimbatore student of philosophy 6 108,000.00
DGL_P03 Purchase of vehicle (four-wheel) for Coordinating the Development Activities of the Salesian Community at Dindigul - INT 12_DGL 38 Don Bosco - Dindigul Poor rural people 63 11,911.00
VLM_P01 Establishment of the Library for rural people Don Bosco Mission - Vilathikulam School going children, Unemployed youth boys and girls, SHGs members and other interested women. 500 150,000.00
GEL_P02 A Proposal to Empower women through Micro Create and Livelihood Training and Job Placement for youth at Srilankan Tamil Refugees - SLR_US 2011-2012 DBAI - Salem Srilankan Refuees 455 164,591.00
GEL_P05 Job placement opportunites for the Technical training center boys - Swiss_FAO Don Bosco polytechnic - Kuthenkuly Poor Dalith Students 363 2,508,700.00
AMM_P02 Social awareness promotion among the Dalit community in the rural villages Amsam - Tiruchy 12 villagers and 13 students 25 210,000.00
GEL_P04 DB Action India - DB Action 2011-2012 Don Bosco Mission - Vilathikulam Women SHG Groups in 5 targeted places. 1200 215,000.00
NTR_P01 Education for dropout children and income generation skill training for women - INT 10_147 Don Bosco - Nettur Dalit children and Dalit young women. 560 25,215.00
KKY_P02 Job Acquiring Skill Training for the Students at Lenssen Polytechnic College, Kuthankuly Don Bosco polytechnic - Kuthenkuly About 400 less previleged students per year from Kuthankuly and the nearby backward villages. 363 258,700.00
NTR_P03 Formation of Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) in Nettur village, Thirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu. Don Bosco - Nettur Underprivileged women 300 278,000.00
KEL_P01 Running cost for Technical Centre - INT 09_203 Don Bosco - Keela Eral Poor Rural youth 76 29,169.00
GEL_P07 Human Rights Education, Awareness Promotion and Intervention by forming Institutional Level Youth Human Rights Watch Groups - INT 10_154 Don Bosco - Dindigul Teachers and Students of Arts and Science Colleges, Polytechnic Colleges, Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), and Higher Secondary 29 3,226,480.00
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