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Code Name Date Location Action
AGM_E001 Tamil/English Litrary Assn. 01-Jun-2013 Vidivelli - Alangulam View  
AGM_E004 School Day-cum-Right to Education Campaign 04-Jun-2013 Vidivelli - Alangulam View  
AGM_E002 Independence Day 05-Jun-2013 Vidivelli - Alangulam View  
AGM_E005 Human Rights Day/Eco Club Day/AIDS awareness Day 01-Jun-2013 Vidivelli - Alangulam View  
AGM_E003 Sports Day 01-Jun-2013 Vidivelli - Alangulam View  
AGM_E006 Lifeskill /Communication skill Trainings 04-Jun-2013 Vidivelli - Alangulam View  
YCD_E002 Workshop on life coping skills 04-Jun-2013 The Retreat - Yercaud View  
YCD_E003 Cultural Competitions 01-Jun-2013 The Retreat - Yercaud View  
YCD_E001 Games Event for the tribal youth group. 03-Jun-2013 The Retreat - Yercaud View  
YCD_E004 Summer Camp (yearly once) 04-Jun-2013 The Retreat - Yercaud View  
VVI_E003 School dropouts awareness 05-Jun-2013 St.Mary`s Church - Vallavilai View  
VVI_E001 HIV Awareness campaign 06-Jun-2013 St.Mary`s Church - Vallavilai View  
VVI_E002 Health & Hygiene Drive 30-May-2013 St.Mary`s Church - Vallavilai View  
MKM_E003 Interview and communication skill 10-Jun-2013 Manikandam - Tiruchy View  
MKM_E004 Inter college symposium on methods of documenting HR violations 01-Jun-2013 Manikandam - Tiruchy View  
MKM_E002 Observation of HR Day 30-May-2013 Manikandam - Tiruchy View  
MKM_E001 Social issues based documentary and short film screenings 01-Jun-2013 Manikandam - Tiruchy View  
MDL_E001 Christmas Day 03-Jun-2013 Lourdes Shrine - Madurai View  
MDL_E012 Independence Day 01-Jun-2013 Lourdes Shrine - Madurai View  
MDL_E004 Educational help to the poor 03-Jun-2013 Lourdes Shrine - Madurai View  
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