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Code Name Date Location Action
KKY_E009 Young at risk / Hostel Day 08-Jun-2013 Don Bosco polytechnic - Kuthenkuly View  
YCD_E002 Workshop on life coping skills 04-Jun-2013 The Retreat - Yercaud View  
TPM_E001 Women's Rights Day 07-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Therespuram View  
KPR_E003 Women's Day 05-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Kazhiappanallur View  
LGI_E019 Visits to Prison 08-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Lalgudi View  
LGI_E017 Visits to Old Age Homes 03-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Lalgudi View  
LGI_E018 Visits to Mentally Retorted Children Home 01-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Lalgudi View  
LGI_E020 Visits to Hospital 06-Jul-2013 Don Bosco - Lalgudi View  
LGI_E005 Tree plantation drive and anti plastic awareness 29-May-2013 Don Bosco - Lalgudi View  
VJP_E003 Tree plantation drive 08-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Varadarajanpet View  
AMM_E005 Training on study skills for the supplementary education children 03-Jun-2013 Amsam - Tiruchy View  
PMM_E004 Theme based competition for the local village groups and college and school students 01-Jun-2013 Bosco Maiyam - Pallithammam View  
AGM_E001 Tamil/English Litrary Assn. 01-Jun-2013 Vidivelli - Alangulam View  
LGI_E015 Talents Day 07-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Lalgudi View  
YCD_E004 Summer Camp (yearly once) 04-Jun-2013 The Retreat - Yercaud View  
MDL_E005 Sports day 01-Jun-2013 Lourdes Shrine - Madurai View  
DGL_E004 Sports Day 01-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Dindigul View  
AGM_E003 Sports Day 01-Jun-2013 Vidivelli - Alangulam View  
KEL_E004 Sports day 08-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Keela Eral View  
LGI_E029 Special Coaching Classes 30-May-2013 Don Bosco - Lalgudi View  
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