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  1. : Computer ( 6 to 12-month job-oriented computer courses in various computer applications for the deserving poor youth)
  2. : Don Bosco House, Vilathikulam,
  3. CSR Code : VLM_CS05
  4. CSR Date : 02-Jun-2013 
    CSR Address
    CSR Location : Don Bosco Mission - Vilathikulam
    Type of Service : Formation of Self help groups, Income-generation training, social intervention to solve the local problem on their own.
    Cultural Troup (SIRPI). Promotes the native art and culture through public performance and training the youth.
    Children's Parliament to educate and empower the children to become the future leaders of this country by providing exposure to government machinery
    Youth Group to carryout the needy social services at the deserving locations
    Children's Library ('Karisal'-45 libraries). These libraries develops the reading habit among children, youth and adult as well.
    Boarding (Food, accommodation, healthcare and educational assistance for the poor children).
    Vocational Training (Typing/Tailoring/Computer) for the under privileged and deserving youth.
    Target Group : Rural women,
    Children from various institutions and villages,
    Poor students,
    Poor youth.
  5. Beneficiary Type : Poor Youth
    Number of Beneficiaries : 70 
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Expense Details

Expense Amount
Computer 420,000.00