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  1. : SHG empowerment training exp 40member/camp
  2. : Don Bosco House, Therespuram
  3. CSR Code : TPM_CS02
  4. CSR Date : 02-Jun-2013 
    CSR Address
    CSR Location : Don Bosco - Therespuram
    Type of Service : Educational sponsorship (To provide, fee, books, uniforms),
    Formation of Self-help groups, Income generation training & activities, and taking up local social issues and solve the same),
    Widows rehabilitation (Securing govt. assistance, training in Income-generation, and social inclusion)
    Youth Service (Providing life-skill, and language skill training for the deserving youth),
    Alcoholic Anonymous/De-addiction referrals for the addicted fishermen,
    Union for Unorganized sectors (To help them avail the various govt. assistances, life-skill and entrepreneurial skill training),
    Evening Tuition centre,
    Dipensary (To provide healthcare and free medicines to the poorest of the poor),
    Humanrights movement (To sensitize the local and nearby villagers on human rights issues and against exploitation).
    Target Group : Fishermen's children,
    Women of the fishermen community,
    Poor women,
    Poor rural youth,
    Fishermen community,
    Poor students,
    Poor fishermen families.
  5. Beneficiary Type : Poor Women
    Number of Beneficiaries : 160 
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Expense Details

Expense Amount
SHG empowerment training exp 40member/camp 40,000.00