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Code Program Date Location Beneficiary Type Action
KPR_CS04 Health care for tuition centre and orphanage children 03-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Kazhiappanallur Orphanage Students View  
KKY_CS03 Job placement for the successful boy/girl student (Job placement guidance and assistance for the outgoing students in all trades) 02-Jun-2013 Don Bosco polytechnic - Kuthenkuly Poor youth View  
TPM_CS02 SHG empowerment training exp 40member/camp 02-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Therespuram Poor Women View  
AMM_CS01 Educational Scholarship for 1 poor youth 02-Jun-2013 Amsam - Tiruchy Rural youth View  
DGL_CS02 Hostel Fee (Food, accommodation, and health care for the hostellers) - Formal Course 02-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Dindigul Youth & Women View  
VLM_CS05 Computer ( 6 to 12-month job-oriented computer courses in various computer applications for the deserving poor youth) 02-Jun-2013 Don Bosco Mission - Vilathikulam Poor Youth View  
VJP_CS01 Tuition Fee, books, uniforms (for class 6 & 12 students) 02-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Varadarajanpet Poor rural boys View  
KPR_CS02 Distribution of education materials 02-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Kazhiappanallur Students View  
KEL_CS02 Scholarship for poor students 01-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Keela Eral Poor rural Youth View  
MDL_CS02 To provide School fee, books, uniforms for the deserving poor students 01-Jun-2013 Lourdes Shrine - Madurai Rural poor children View  
VLM_CS02 Youth Day/cultural Mela / (Special ocassions are arranged to celebrate youth and cultural Day to rejuvenate their inspiration and involvement to achieve their ambitions and goals 01-Jun-2013 Don Bosco Mission - Vilathikulam Youth View  
TPM_CS03 Widow rehabilitation (Education of children, counselling, income generation training) 01-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Therespuram Poor Women View  
AGM_CS03 To provide food, accommodation, and health care for the hostel students 01-Jun-2013 Vidivelli - Alangulam Rural Poor Children View  
AGM_CS05 Eco clubs by the students' intervention towards environmental, health and hygiene issues with 60 to 80 student members 01-Jun-2013 Vidivelli - Alangulam Poor Rural Students View  
AGM_CS04 JRC /Scout students involve themselves in various social activities 01-Jun-2013 Vidivelli - Alangulam Poor Rural Children View  
AGM_CS06 Awareness Creation: Education, Child labour, Women empowerment. 01-Jun-2013 Vidivelli - Alangulam Poor Women View  
AGM_CS07 Food and commodation for the dropout students accommodated in the centres 01-Jun-2013 Vidivelli - Alangulam Dropout Students View  
AMM_CS02 Food & accommodation 01-Jun-2013 Amsam - Tiruchy Rural youth View  
AMM_CS04 Job placement with supply of trade related tools 01-Jun-2013 Amsam - Tiruchy Rural youth View  
DGL_CS01 Tuition Fee for the the students per year - Formal course 01-Jun-2013 Don Bosco - Dindigul Youth & Students View  
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